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Domperidone - Breastfeeding with Low Breastmilk Supply

About Domperidone

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A number of people asked me to post about my experiences with Domperidone for milk production once I'd been on it for a bit.

I have now been on Domperidone 80mg/day for 9 days. I got a script from my OB/Gyn, and had it filled at a compounding pharmacy. They gave me a "super bill" to submit to my insurance. I was told a lot of insurance companies will cover it if prescribed and written up properly. It is NOT illegal, it is simply not commercially available, and that's a huge difference. My insurance hasn't responded yet, so I can't tell you how that worked out in terms of coverage.

Meanwhile, here are my experiences and observations.

- began to work by the end of the first day (which was only 3 doses)
- the first morning after I started I woke up because my breats were FULL- I got 6 oz out of them. That is now a standard amount every morning. :)
- Full effect didn't really happen until I'd been on it about a week.
- Today I've kept track, and in the past 12 hours I've produced 17.25 oz of milk, which is more than I used to produce in 24 hours. I will post with a 24 hr grand total tomorrow. And probably one other day also, as today I have been under a LOT of stress and I know I'm making less than on other days.
- Our formula usage has dropped *dramatically*. We are down from 30+ oz a day to under 6oz

Side Effects:
- Made my intestines feel like they were full of wiggly snakes the first day. Day 2 I got a nasty headache. Nothing since then.
-If you let the capsule disolve in your mouth, it will taste like ass.

- Boosts milk like you would not believe
- Easy to tolerate, even for people like me who are sensitive to meds
- Works within 24 hours
- Easy to take
- Few side effects (YMMV), none after 48 hrs
- Allows me to go out with only boobs as a food source

- You still have to pump/nurse 8 times in 24/hours to build and maintain supply (though maybe YMMV)
- Must be swallowed with water. Swallow quick, it tastes like ass!
- Must be taken 4 times a day
- Can be expensive if bought in the US, insurance may or may not cover it
- Can be sketchy if imported from elsewhere, though cheaper

That's my report for right now. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
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